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[20 May 2010 | No Comment | 16,929 views]
Mid-East Food Festival in Atlanta

I saw a flyer for this festival this week when I visited Leon’s International Grocery for Orange Blossom water. If you have never tried Middle Eastern food, you are in for a treat. The cuisines of Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and the rest of the Middle East are among the oldest. Development began with the dawn of agriculture and was established before cookbooks were even thought of. It is among the most delectable cuisines of the planet and has influenced the world.  This …

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[6 Jan 2010 | No Comment | 3,189 views]
Desta – Approachable Ethiopian

You love different ethnic cuisines, I know you do. But sometimes it is difficult to walk into a place for the first time, especially if you’ve never tried that kind of food before, right? Well, if you are new to Ethiopian cuisine, Desta is a good place to start. Ethiopian food is spicy, eaten with your hands and great to share. Get over yourself and walk in.